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Meet Sonnet home insurance.

Compared to its competitors, Sonnet Insurance is a newbie in the insurance game. While many Canadian insurers have been around for over a century — Sonnet’s parent company Economical Insurance was founded in 1871 — Sonnet only came to be in 2016.

Sonnet markets itself as an insurance company that evolves with consumer tech trends. For one, it’s an entirely digital insurance company — meaning there are no brick and mortar locations in Canada. Everything, from getting approved for a policy to managing your coverage, is done virtually.

Sonnet is headquartered in Waterloo, Ont., joining several other tech companies with offices there, Google included.

One thing that this tech-focused company lacks? A mobile app for customers to manage their policies.

That said, Sonnet appears to put customer service at the forefront, promising to deliver “pricing that’s competitive and personalized” using “a whole lot of math and analytics.” No surprise then that customers report finding Sonnet’s website easy and intuitive to use.

Sonnet also claims to pass on the savings it generates from being an online business to consumers in the form of cheaper premiums.

Its offerings are grouped into three policies: The Essentials, The Preferred, and The Ultimate.

The Essentials covers the basics, such as liability insurance, special belongings coverage, full sewer backup, overland water coverage, hail coverage and replacement costs for home appliances and personal belongings.

The Preferred option includes everything covered under The Essentials plan but has special belongings coverage and first claim forgiveness thrown in.

Finally, The Ultimate plan includes everything covered in The Preferred option plus liability coverage.

The Sonnet home insurance advantage.


Sonnet offers several discounts that can help save you money on your premiums. Some require you to buy more insurance from Sonnet, while others try to incentivize responsible behaviours.

  • Exclusive Sonnet savings: You can save on your policy when you purchase it online.
  • Bundle your home and auto insurance: Customers receive a discount when they bundle their home and auto insurance, as well as when they bundle their home insurance with a second location.
  • Claims-free: If you’ve been claims-free for five years, you may be eligible for a discount

Special programs

Sonnet offers several endorsements — additional coverages you can add to your base policy — as part of their home insurance offerings.

Above & Beyond First Claim Forgiveness - When you upgrade your limit for personal belongings or purchase The Preferred home insurance policy, you get Above & Beyond First Claim Forgiveness. This product guarantees your home insurance rate won’t increase after your first claim. As Sonnet itself says, they’ll “pretend it didn’t even happen.” You’ll also get another product, Replacement Cost Guarantee, which lets you settle claims at the replacement cost even if you don’t repair or replace the item. Finally, there’s the Enhanced Deductible Waiver, which means Sonnet will waive deductibles for claims of $10,000 or more. This doesn’t apply to earthquake-related claims.

Replacement Cost - Insurance claims often cover a portion of the cost to repair or replace your home but Sonnet’s Replacement Cost endorsement will cover 100% of the actual cost — and they won't even factor in depreciation. You'll be able to pay for everything in today's dollars. The endorsement also includes materials and labour costs.

Green Coverage - When you make a claim, Sonnet may provide enough funds for you to rebuild using environmentally friendly, energy-efficient materials and construction methods.

Is there an app?

No, Sonnet does not have a mobile app. 

How to submit a claim with Sonnet home insurance

While home insurance exists to protect you from financial ruin, the hope is that you’ll never have to make a claim. If you do find yourself in a position to submit a claim, you’ll first need to contact your insurance provider and report what happened to your home (i.e., water damage, fire, etc.). A claims advisor will then open a file on your claim.

The claim will go on your record and you will have to pay your insurance deductible before your insurance company pays out. There is a chance that your premiums may go up or your claim may be denied.

When you file a home insurance claim, Sonnet will do the following:

  • Send a prescreened contractor to your home.
  • The contractor will start work without an appraisal or estimate needed.
  • The work is guaranteed for two years.
To submit a claim by phone:
1-844-SONNET4 (1-844-766-6384)
Hours of availability:

What else does Sonnet do?

Home insurance isn’t the only type of insurance offered by Sonnet. It offers other forms of insurance that can be bundled with your home insurance policy for a discount.

  • Auto insurance
  • Condo insurance
  • Tenant insurance
  • Landlord insurance

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